WebOPAC Help: Lending Popular



Lending Popular


              A list of material that was lent out frequently during a certain period is displayed.

              The list can be narrowed down by material designation or classification.


Lending Popular Operation Procedure


              1. Select the target of display and the conditions to narrow down the search.

              2. Click the [View] button.


Display Conditions


              Specify the following items and click the [View] button.  The "Lending Popular" list will be displayed.


Display condition item


Input example

Target of display

Specify the period.

Select a target from the pull-down menu.

Material designation

Specify books, serials, etc.

Check the checkbox.


Specify the genre.  If not specified, all genres are assumed.

00*, 01*

Object of display

The materials of display are reduced by Holding library and Selections and types of materials.

Select from the drop-down respectively.


Number of Target Data Items


The number of items in the "Lending Popular" list is displayed.


Navigation Function


Clicking the Navigation Guide button at the upper right corner of the screen causes a jump to the beginning of a set of available function buttons.


Items Displayed in the Lending Popular List


              The following table shows the items displayed in the "Lending Popular" list.


Display item



Selects a target to be registered in the bookmarks.


Descending order of lending frequency

Number of times of lending

Number of times the item was lent out in the specified target period.


Material volume information

Bibliography area

Bibliography information of material.  Clicking on this area displays bibliography details.


Bookmark (BM) Function


Any searched bibliography can be saved so that it can be referenced later.

Bibliography information is saved in the bookmarks, and "addition" to and "reference" of the bookmark can be performed.


 [Add] button      : Adds bibliography information to the bookmark when the checkbox of bibliography displayed in the list was selected.

       [Reference] button  : Displays a list of bibliographies saved in the bookmark.  If only one bibliography is saved, its bibliography details are displayed.

When referencing the bookmark, "Save/Clear search history" and "Narrow down" cannot be used.

* The [Bookmark] button is also displayed in the upper part of the screen.

       [Check all] button  : Checks (Selects) all checkboxes.

       [Release] button   : Uncheck (Deselects) all checkboxes.



□My Folder Function


  It is impossible to add the bibliogrphy into bookmark of My Folder(DB).


       [Check All] button               : the all of checkbox will be checked.

       [Release] button                 : the all of checkbox will be unchecked.

[Add Bibliogrphy Info.] button    : The checking bibliogrphy will be saved into bookmarks of My Folder(DB)


Search History Reference


Clicking the [Search history] button enables you to reference the search history.


How to Use

              Clicking the [How to use] button activates the "online manual" for the currently displayed screen.




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